We're the people who make LEARN happen


Staff matt

Matt Clark


Since first discovering programming back before the pentium, Matt has romanced the Borland compiler, transitioned to web development from the very early days of the Mosaic browser, and turned to Ruby after discovering how much more fun it is to write beautiful code. Matt has managed teams for companies big and small, and moved freely between freelance, startups and corporate.

Staff rob

Rob Kaufman


Swears he started learning development skills at age 2 and has never wanted to do anything else. Rob's been working in Ruby since 2003, Rails since 2005 and still trying to learn a new programing language every year. Rob founded Notch8, a Rails consultancy in 2007, and has loved both working with clients and teaching new developers at every step of the way.

Staff chelsea

Chelsea Kaufman

CEO and Co-Founder

With a background in education and business administration, Chelsea runs the show. Her business savvy and educational genius inspire and better those around her. She has managed a theater company, taught corporate team building and taken part in almost every part of the theatrical process. Chelsea is really the boss, but don’t tell her we said that.


Staff paul

Paul Hutchinson


Paul's background as an educator of 8 years allied with time spent at a similar web development bootcamp offers him a unique perspective on the learning process offered at Learn. Other passions include travel, new music, design and cricket.

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Kaitlin Abrahamson


After earning her English MA at Boston College & a cross-country move to San Diego, Kaitlin jumped into web development and never looked back! She spent a year working in the local startup community before returning to be an instructor. She is very hands-on in teaching the students and is also very involved in the local community supporting the inclusion of women in tech.


Adam Thayer


Adam spent 6 years in the United States Coast Guard, specializing in Aviation Avionics until he found his new passion at LEARN academy. His dedication to learning and training makes him an invaluable part of the team here. In his free time, he enjoys being in the ocean, and pursuing his other passion - photography!


Allan Schougaard

Director of Education

A computer geek to the core - he started on a ZX81/TimexSinclair 1000 clone (how many of us can say that)! He has a masters in Computer Science and Education, and an MBA, making him uniquely qualified to teach at Learn! Before joining us he worked at various tech companies, from start-ups to the Fortune 500.

Community and Career Services

Lisa   headshot

Lisa Rosenfelt

Community Outreach Coordinator

Lisa is a neurolinguist by trade, but a people person at her core. She received her Phd in Linguistics in 2013 from UCSD. Years of laboratory research have taught her how to manage big projects, organize data, and problem solve, while her time as a teacher trained her to be expressive but also patient and understanding.


Will Opperman

Career Services Coordinator

Will comes to LEARN as the Interim Career Service Coordinator after spending the last 5 years working in organizational development for issue based non-profits and higher education institutions in Philadelphia and Seattle. In his spare time, Will enjoys playing Magic Cards and camping.


Hillary Whitmore

Admissions Coordinator

Hillary is a San Diego native and professional development enthusiast. After graduating from SDSU with a degree in political science, Hillary has been expanding her network all over the country, so that LEARN graduates can tap into supportive communities across the country. She is passionate about working with people and helping others succeed in their professional lives.


Vanessa Christensen

Marketing Manager

A San Diego native, Vanessa's experience in marketing and higher education makes her a perfect fit for LEARN! When she isn't organizing all things marketing for us, she can usually be found taking her pup to the dog park, or baking something delicious!