Finance Your New Career

There are a few different ways to fund your coding bootcamp experience. We offer multiple scholarships, work with industry-leading lenders, and accept up-front payments.

Use VET TEC to Launch Your New Career Web Development Career

LEARN academy is proud to announce we have been accepted into the VET TEC program. VET TEC (Veteran Through Technology Education Courses) is a benefit for Veterans who are off duty or near off duty. Veterans can use their GI benefits towards the VET TEC program to help launch their new careers in high-technology industries.

Apply for a loan with Meritize today, it only takes a few minutes

For students who aren’t able to afford LEARN’s tuition up-front, we’re able to provide loans through our financing partner, Meritize. Once your loan is approved LEARN academy will reach out with the next steps in the admissions process.

Meritize looks beyond your FICO score and uses your previous academic, military, or work achievements to potentially improve your loan options.
Meritize allows you to defer payments for up to 3-months after graduation.
Even students who may lack a co-borrower can improve their loan options by sharing their past merits.

Deferred Tuition Agreement with Stride, pay only a small upfront deposit until you get a job

An alternative to paying all of the tuition up-front or taking out a loan, Deferred Tuition Agreements offer LEARN academy students an innovative way to fund your program and launch a new career in software development. With a DTA, you pay an affordable, fixed monthly amount only after graduation and once you are employed and earning more than $2,500 / month ($30,000 per year). We look at where you’re going, not where you’ve been, so rates are based on your expected earnings after completing our program. Note: This funding option is available to a maximum of two students per cohort who must complete the LEARN DTA application to be considered.

No accruing interest—ever! Even while you’re in school not making payment.
No hidden fees.
Shorter duration (4 years) vs. traditional loans (10+ years).
Grace period and automatic deferral for periods where you are unemployed and/or make less than the minimum income threshold ($30,000).

SkillsFund offers access to tuition and the ability to defer payments until after graduation.

LEARN academy has partnered with SkillsFund to give our students more choices who cannot afford up-front payments. Apply to SkillsFund, it only takes a few minutes. Once your loan is approved, LEARN academy will reach out with the next steps.

SkillsFund uses your credit score to measure eligibility for the loan, adding a co-signer is also an option.

Available Scholarships

*Please note individuals are only eligible for one discount or scholarship option.

Women's Coding Scholarship

For the rest of March 2021, all individuals who identify as female are eligible for our $4,000 Women's Coding Scholarship towards LEARN academy's Full-Stack Web Developer program beginning on April 19th, 2021.


On-Going Discounts

*Please note individuals are only eligible for one discount or scholarship option.

Diversity Discount

Do you identify with an underrepresented community? LEARN academy is offering a $2,000 discount for individuals that self-identify with an underrepresented community.

College Degree Discount For LEARN Academy

College Degree Discount

Do you need a career restart? LEARN academy is offering a $2,000 discount for individuals that have a bachelor's degree or higher to help them transition into a tech career.

Lines Of Code Promoting A Discount For Computer Science Graduates

Computer Science Degree Discount

Our extensive network and real-world coding experience can help launch your CS Degree to the next level. We are offering a $4,000 discount for individuals that have a Computer Science Degree.


Military Discount

In honor of those who have served our country, LEARN academy is offering a $2,000 scholarship for military and veterans.


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