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Each cohort has their own customized curriculum designed to their specific needs.

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Our curriculum is hosted on GitHub. This allows you to gain the necessary experience with version control and source code management.

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The customized curriculum will be available to you for life. Allowing you to reference it whenever you need a refresh.
LEARN Academy 2020 Course Syllabus Screenshot

2021 Course Syllabus

Get more information on our full-stack curriculum and the different coding languages you will learn.

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Unit One: JavaScript Foundations

This is your introduction to programming through the Javascript programming language. Here you will learn foundational concepts and structures that will get you thinking in code.
JavaScript Intro
JavaScript Conditions
JavaScript Arrays
JavaScript Loops
JavaScript Objects

Unit Two: Intermediate Javascript

This section is building on Javascript foundations and introducing more advanced programming concepts. Here you will have your first group project and be introduced to testing.
Javascript ES6 Syntax
Javascript Higher-Order Functions
Javascript Testing with Jest
Javascript Class and Inheritance

Unit Three: REACT

React is a powerful Javascript library used to build more complicated web applications.
React Intro
React Components
React State and Props
React Functional Props
React Game Project

Unit Four: Ruby

Ruby is a backend, object-oriented programming language. Here you will learn the fundamentals of Ruby and expand on testing.
Ruby Intro
Ruby Conditions
Ruby Classes and Objects
Ruby Inheritance
Ruby BDD and TDD
Ruby Testing with RSPEC

Unit Five: Ruby on Rails and Postgres

Rails is known by its motto “Convention over Configuration” is a full-stack framework built in Ruby. Here you will learn about backend programming and explore the full MVC (Model, View, Controller) with database queries.
Rails Intro to Routes, Controllers and View
Rails Forms, Layout and Flash
Intro to Postgres
SQL Joins
SQL CRUD and Foreign Keys

Unit Six: Active Record and Full Stack Ruby on Rails

Active Record is the M (model) in the MVC. Active Record facilitates the connection between Rails and the database. Here you will learn the logic and naming conventions for database operations.
Rails Model: Intro to Active Record
Active Record Relationships
SQL vs. Active Record
Active Record Validations

Unit Seven: Professional Development Week

Professional development is a full week dedicated to preparing you for your internship and upcoming career transition. Here you will work closely with LEARN's career services manager to curate your application materials for your journey to becoming a developer. You will also have the opportunity to meet important contacts and community members from the San Diego Tech Scene that will be invaluable for your future job search once exiting the program.
Tech Resume / Portfolio
Online Tech Presence
Tech interview skills
Salary Negotiations
Tech Talks
Elevator Pitch

Unit Eight: Decoupled Full-Stack Project 1

Here you will create a full-stack, asynchronous React and Rails application complete with testing and calls to an external API.
Frontend – React Client
Testing in React with Jest and Enzyme
Backend – Rails JSON API
Rails API setup and endpoints

Unit Nine: Decoupled Full-Stack Project 2

This section expands the full-stack application to include user login functionality and deployment on Heroku.
React Router / Dynamic Routes

Unit Ten: Capstone Project

The capstone project is the peak of your experience at LEARN Academy. You will work in a small group to create a full-stack web application. Acting as a development team, the students use agile/scrum project management techniques to plan, wireframe, code, and deploy their application.