8 Reasons to Become a Web Developer

You have always heard that you should LEARN how to code but never knew exactly why. It’s not all about the money. Well, a little about the money. But, it truly goes deeper than that. Sarah Proctor, one of our excellent instructors here at LEARN is here to tell you why becoming a web developer is worth it. 

Here are 8 Reasons why you should become a web developer:

1. It’s Challenging

You will never know it all. This may sound discouraging at first that you will not be able to become a master of every aspect of programming but it is not. Programmers with decades of experience will still need help figuring out problems that they are not familiar with. This means that coding is a constant LEARNing process. Despite the differentiation in experience levels you may have with your peers, you all will continue to grow as programmers. There will always be some new challenge for you to tackle.

2. Creative Problem Solving

There isn’t one right answer. There are different ways to solve a programming problem. There are also better ways to solve a particular problem. This is all part of the fun of figuring out what works and what works best.

3. Ability to Create

Coding is a creative trade and you are encouraged to express yourself. Coding allows you to take all the ideas that you have in your head and make them come to life.

4. It’s a Practical and Functional Trade

You are a highly sought-after commodity. You don’t have to worry about your company phasing out your section of the company. Web developers are a crucial part of a company’s success. There will always be loads of opportunities for you.

5. Organizational Skills

Programming is perfect for those who like to be organized and detailed oriented. You will be juggling a lot of tasks at once so you must have all your ducks in a row. There will be times where you will make a typo but you have to be diligent enough to retrace your steps and find the problem.

6. Coding is a Universal Language

Coding mostly uses English words but everyone across the world uses the same coding languages. This means that you can build a diverse team to work on the same project. Regardless of language or the country they live in, they can all work together to build something special.

7. There are Opportunities Anywhere in the World

You can work remotely. You don’t have to move to Silicon Valley anymore. Everything can be done online. That means you can broaden your job search to openings around the world. You can live anywhere you want. There are tons of options.

8. It’s Artisitic and Beautiful

The code can be beautiful and what you make with it can be beautiful as well. You’ll find yourself looking at a piece of code and appreciate how concise and perfect it is. As cheesy as that sounds it will happen. And, of course, the finished product of the code can be just as awe-inspiring.


It is easy for us to forget how dependent we have become on technology. It is seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives. LEARNing how to code gives you a newfound appreciation of the work that gets put into the technology that many take for granted. As a web developer, you get to take part in creating these things. In closing, there are tons of reasons to get into web development. Everybody has their reason and their path to becoming a web developer. Hopefully, we helped you find one reason that resonated with you.

What’s an easy way to get started with coding?

Coding & remote work. Both are crucial parts that have defined 2021 and will be moving forward. The demand for skilled developers continues to rise, and many people are looking for an innovative career path that enjoys the benefits of working tech. Most of these developer positions have gone remote and will continue to be so.

Many feel coding and web development is a career path out of reach or unattainable; that’s far from the truth. Access to these skills and career paths has never been available. For 3 hours, we’re going to give you the breakdown of WTF coding is and how you can turn these skills into a career.

  • Here is what you will LEARN:
  • How the internet works
  • Components of a website
  • Basic coding terminology
  • What is Full Stack Web Development?
  • Find Your Transferable Skills
  • Developer Career Outlook / Remote Work
  • How LEARN can get you there
  • Access to virtual coding training
  • How to take the next steps