Eat. Sleep. CODE. Repeat.

Virtual Alumni AMA & Discussion

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March 31st, 2021

5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

LEARN academy

Online Virtual Workshop


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What You Will LEARN during this virtual Ask Me Anything & Discussion:

Hear what life is like as a Jr Developer from coding bootcamp alumni.
Listen to LEARN academy alumni share their stories on how they started coding and why they chose to attend LEARN academy.
Get all your burning questions answered! Whether you want to know how to balance class and building projects, what it was like in the virtual classroom, or how their job search process went, get them all answered!
Women At Computer Learning What Coding Is

Eat. Sleep. CODE. Repeat. Details:

Hear directly from our alumni what life is like as a jr developer and how they successfully transitioned their careers. In this AMA style event, we'll put our alumni in the hot seat and let you ask them all of your burning questions. Don't let them get off easy!

We'll give them some time to share their unique paths, but then open the floor to you. So come ready with questions and hear directly from our alumni. You'll learn about their own stories, where they came from, what they are working on now, and what hurdles they had to overcome as they transitioned their careers.

What you will need for this coding workshop:

* To participate in this event you will need a computer and internet connection.

A Woman And Others Sitting At A Desk Learning How To Code Computer Programing

Your Instructor

"One of the most amazing aspects of our alumni, is they come from so many different backgrounds. Come hear from some people who, not too long ago, were in a similar place you are. Now they're off changing the world through the power of coding."

Chelsea Kaufman
CEO at LEARN academy