Building a Commercially Viable App Using Best Practices

What will you LEARN?


Whether it’s for phones, desktops, servers, or anything else that runs code, Swift is a safe, fast, and interactive programming language that combines the best in modern language thinking with wisdom from the wider Apple engineering culture and the diverse contributions from its open-source community.


Our world is full of mobile devices, with apps and app stores taking center stage as both profit centers and the place where the latest innovation is really happening. Get it on the action by becoming a mobile developer and learnig how to make your ideas a reality.


We'll focus on creating mobile designs, and implementing them in native, compiled code. If you've only ever worked in an interpretive language or if you haven't done on device work before, this will be a great chance ot see how native APIs allow you to create powerful, complex applicaitons quickly.


In this course, we will begin with an idea-stage concept. Our first lesson will involve brainstorming various App ideas, discuss how App-complexity will affect the decision on which idea we create. We will use a Design Driven Approach -- which means our entire App will be implemented using advanced prototyping tools (Sketch+Principal). Students will interact with and learn the best approaches to working with a real offshore team, which will be utilized to ensure the Class Project is completed before the course ends. It will become clear how a Design Driven Approach, while not appropriate for every project, is a great methodology to use for Native Apps. The proper way to structure a sophisticated software project will be used. Students will implement the App using Switch, and will learn the basics of object orientated programming and iOS Architecture. A robust, reliable backend will be implemented in Node.JS, and finally Advanced iOS Architecture will be taught and implemented into the Class Project.

Previous programming experience required

Course Topics

  • Design Driven Methodology
  • Introduction to the power of Sketch+Principal
  • How to Build an iOS App using Swift
  • Scalable Backend Design with Node.JS
  • Working with an offshore team
  • API Programming in Node.JS
  • Basics of a Design Driven Approach
  • Deploying a project with Heroku
  • Local and Remote iOS Notifications
  • Advanced UI Implementation using Core Animation
  • Advanced iOS Architecture: Location Services, Remote Notifications The MVC pattern in iOS Apps
  • Swift Programming and an understanding of Object Orientated Design iOS Architecture Fundamentals
  • API Consumption in an iOS App and advanced iOS Networking Offshore Team Management
  • Navigating the frustrating process of Apple App Store Submissions Implementing iOS Location Services
  • SSL Certificate Setup and Configuration

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