We're the people who make LEARN happen


Chelsea Kaufman

CEO and Co-Founder

With a background in education and business administration, Chelsea runs the show. Her business savvy and educational genius inspire and better those around her. She has managed a theater company, taught corporate team building and taken part in almost every part of the theatrical process. Chelsea is really the boss, but don’t tell her we said that.

Rob Kaufman


Swears he started learning development skills at age 2 and has never wanted to do anything else. Rob’s been working in Ruby since 2003, Rails since 2005 and still trying to learn a new programing language every year. Rob founded Notch8, a Rails consultancy in 2007, and has loved both working with clients and teaching new developers at every step of the way.

Matt Clark


Since first discovering programming back before the pentium, Matt has romanced the Borland compiler, transitioned to web development from the very early days of the Mosaic browser, and turned to Ruby after discovering how much more fun it is to write beautiful code. Matt has managed teams for companies big and small, and moved freely between freelance, startups and corporate.


Sarah Proctor


Sarah Proctor | LEARN academy Instructor

Sarah is a graduate of LEARN academy’s 2018 Delta cohort. She is passionate about creating a welcoming environment where anyone who wants to learn web development can thrive. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys running and yoga.

Rachael Stanislaw


Rachael Stanislaw | LEARN academy Instructor

Rachael has a long-running background in team management and leadership. She is passionate about eloquent code and creative problem-solving. Rachael graduated Charlie class of 2019. After completing multiple internships with local startups, she joined the LEARN teaching staff. She is committed to creating an environment where determined students can thrive, catering to different learning styles, in order to instill confidence and competence into San Diego’s newest developers joining the job market. In her free time, Rachael loves to camp, ride bikes, and spend as much time outdoors as possible.


Hillary Opperman

Director of Operations

Hillary is a San Diego native. She has been fundraising and working in sales since graduating from SDSU in 2012. She hit the ground running and quickly began wearing many hats and assisting in all aspects at LEARN. Her primary area of focus is Admissions, but she also manages marketing, career services, the instructors, and events.

Bryan Banville

Career Services Manager

Bryan Banville | LEARN academy Career Services Manager

Bryan engages in compassionate and individualized career services to support the development and success of professionals in the workforce. He is excited to use his years of experience as a corporate trainer and specialized career coach to develop the next generation of professionals entering into the tech industry! Bryan is also a professional stage performer and singer.

T.J. Kidder

Marketing Manager

T.J. Kidder | LEARN academy Marketing Manager

TJ brings over 7 years of professional marketing experience to the team. Specializing in digital marketing, web design, and graphic design.

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