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Choose To Challenge Coding Scholarship

LEARN academy is awarding a $4,000 coding scholarship to help bridge the gender gap in tech and help more women gain access to a successful career in coding.

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Tech NEEDS More Women - Let's #ChooseToChallenge

While progress has been made to make tech a more inclusive and welcoming space, there is still MUCH work to be done. As we reflect during Women's History Month, we are inspired by the women who came before and those making enormous impacts in our world today. We want to do our part for the next generation of women in tech by helping as many women as possible gain access to an innovative career path that desperately needs more diversity.

For the rest of 2021, all individuals who identify as female are eligible for our $4,000 Women's Coding Scholarship towards LEARN academy's Full-Stack Web Developer program.

Who Is This Coding Scholarship For?

The $4,000 Women's Coding Scholarship is available to all individuals that identify as female because we want to make the biggest impact possible. While you might not have experience with code, that's alright. We are going to help get you there. We are looking for individuals who have a passion for constantly learning and problem-solving. With these skills, an open mind, and the proper guidance and training, we firmly believe that anyone can learn how to code and transition into this career path. Plus, since our program is virtual, you can take our class from just about anywhere.

How Does This Coding Scholarship Work?

All individuals who identify as female can apply for our $4,000 Women's Coding Scholarship. The scholarship is only available for our upcoming virtual classroom instruction and a 1-month guaranteed coding internship. Following graduation from the program, all students will work with our in-house Career Services Manager to help them in their job search.

What are the next steps?

Use the form above to request more information about the $4,000 Women's Coding Scholarship. A member from the LEARN academy Enrollment Team will reach out to you shortly to go over the next steps.
Apply to our upcoming Full-Stack Web Developer Bootcamp through the LEARN academy website.
Apply to the coding scholarship.
All interested individuals need to be accepted into the upcoming class AND submit their coding scholarship applications.
Individuals who are awarded the scholarship will be notified before class begins.

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A year ago, I was a wedding planner. Today, I am a software engineer at a Fortune 500 company. People laugh when I tell them that…like they think it must be a joke. Let’s be real: it does sound like a joke. But it’s 100% true, and that is in large part due to my experience at LEARN. Go to LEARN. Gain an education. Leave with a family.

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LEARN was the best decision I've made EVER! Quitting my full time job was the hardest part, but once I realized how much there is to learn, and grow, it was literally the best decision I've made. I had a career in a non-technical background and tried to learn something totally new. It was my turn to take my career into my hands and physically change it for the better. You can go to code school for many reasons, but at the end of the day, you are learning invaluable skills to put in your tool box. The best part…read more

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