Dive into the fundamentals of web development

We teach you the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so you can leave with your own fully-coded website.

Do you want to pursue a programming career but lack the development skills and experience? We believe programming is for everyone… as long as you are eager to learn to code! Join the best weekend coding bootcamp San Diego can offer and let’s figure out your next step – together!

What will you LEARN?

Coding Basics

From how the web works to building your first web page. We will cover everything you need to know so you can leave with your own website coded from the ground up.

Pair Programming

At LEARN, you won’t be coding alone. You’ll take on daily coding challenges by pairing up with other students. That’s why every desk at LEARN is equipped with two keyboards and trackpads.


Are you interested in taking one of our full-time coding bootcamp courses? Jumpstart is a great way to find out if a full-time course at LEARN is right for you.

Languages You Will LEARN:

We will cover the following coding languages during our weekend coding bootcamp.

Why LEARN academy?

Track Record

We are San Diego’s original coding boot camp boasting over 200 graduates and have more than 15 years of cumulative tech experience.

1-Month Internship

Large Community

We are a huge community and make it easy for you to connect with other IT professionals!

When is the next class?

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#1 Weekend Coding Bootcamp in San Diego: Immerse Yourself in The Art of Web Development

Are you starting from scratch but are highly motivated to dive into the world of programming? During our Jumpstart course, we will be focused on the most relevant aspects of web development. Our instructors are tech professionals with years of experience and teaching skills. They will also keep you up-to-date on important IT trends. We take out vital things web developers need and use each day and pack them into the course so everything you learn during these three days is essential information. Enroll in our Jumpstart program to gain a precious weekend coding bootcamp San Diego experience and take a step toward a programming career!

Jumpstart your career at the best San Diego coding academy

You liked our three-day Jumpstart course and now want to learn Ruby and JavaScript programming in San Diego? Our weekend coding bootcamp in San Diego is just the first step. Enroll in our full-stack developer bootcamp in San Diego and become a software professional in only four months! Here you will learn not only programming languages, frameworks and technology; you will also take on coding challenges. At our San Diego coding academy, we don’t give you the solutions, we teach you how to solve problems. We combine the classroom and work experience to provide you with comprehensive training so you can get into a programming career straight from our San Diego programming boot camp!

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