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You want to create web applications but aren’t sure if you should enroll in a coding bootcamp to learn Ruby or JavaScript in San Diego?

Why not learn Ruby and JavaScript at the same time! At Learn Academy, we give you a full-stack learning experience to help you discover what you are passionate about!

Reasons We Teach RUBY and JavaScript

Ruby is an expressive and intuitive language that is great for beginners.

JavaScript is an untyped/looslely typed language good for beginners while still being incredibly powerful.

JavaScript is one of the most popular scripting languages in web development.

Ruby is a great object-oriented programming language that is a joy to use with a lot of utility.


Want to start learning RUBY and JavaScript? We think you're ready for our Full-Stack Web Developer Program.

Why do we teach a full-stack?

A “full-stack” consists of a front-end, what you are seeing on the webpage now, and a back-end, which consists of everything happening behind the scenes of a website. Teaching you both the front-end and the back-end will allow you to create web applications from the ground up.

Front End:

Spend three-months inside our immersive classrooms learning the curriculum from our professional instructors.

Back End:

Spend three-months inside our immersive classrooms learning the curriculum from our professional instructors.

Why LEARN academy?

Consistent Success

More than 200 students have graduated from our boot camp in San Diego and are now working at some of the top companies in the nation.

One-Month Internship

Large Community

As part of the IT community, we enable you to make valuable connections with tech professionals.

Want to learn Ruby or JavaScript in San Diego? You’ve come to the right place!

  • Whether you’d like to learn JavaScript programming in San Diego at a renowned JavaScript bootcamp or take Ruby on Rails classes. When you learn both Ruby and JavaScript, you can use Ruby on Rails for the back-end of your site and JavaScript for the front-end. At Learn Academy, we teach you a full-stack curriculum.

  • Learn Ruby and JavaScript and make a career change into web development

    Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors will teach you to write clear, beautiful and structured code and apply Ruby to functional programming in JavaScript. Once you learn Ruby and JavaScript, you will be able to use the best from both programming languages and create full-stack web applications.

    Quick start: Nail those JavaScript fundamentals

    If you are still wondering whether you should learn Ruby or JavaScript in San Diego, here’s your answer! First, you will gain insight into how programming works and its core principles. You will also learn markup languages such as CSS and HTML. As soon as you have a solid framework for learning programming languages and understand the big picture, you can start learning JavaScript!

    JavaScript is a dynamic, interpreted programming language that already comes installed on, for example, Google Chrome and every other modern web browser. It is versatile and can be used for both back-end and front-end web development. Use JavaScript to streamline the way your website works and to create a modern, dynamic site. Having strong JavaScript skills on your CV is a must if you want to land a great web dev job.

    Learn programming with Ruby and get into an exciting new career

    If you want to make your way into web development, you are probably wondering which essential skills are needed for the most in-demand jobs. The more programming languages you learn, the more job offers you may get!

    Whether you have no coding experience or you are a web developer looking to make a switch, Ruby is always a great choice! Versatile and easy to work with, this programming language is used to create various software programs. Since it’s not a directed coding language, it offers a number of solutions.

    At our San Diego coding bootcamp, you will learn to code with Ruby and build websites and applications with Ruby on Rails! Ruby on Rails is amazing, easy to learn and powerful; it is also one of the most popular frameworks in the U.S. Many well-known applications such as Twitter, AirBnB, and Shopify were built with Ruby on Rails.

When is the next class?

2020 Alpha

Feb 03 - May 15, 2020
San Diego

2020 Bravo

Apr 06 - Jul 24, 2020
San Diego

Let's get started!

Ready to take your programming career to the next level? Let’s go!


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