What is REACT?

React is a JavaScript library used for building User Interfaces. It was created by and currently maintained by Facebook. Developers can declare what the User Interface will look like and the magic of React will take care of the how by translating this to the browser.

Reasons We Teach REACT

REACT allows developers to create reusable user interface components for large and small web applications

REACT is the leading industry standard for front-end libraries.

REACT is an open-source library with a large and supportive community.

Testing with REACT is easier using programs like JEST and Enzyme.

Other Front-End Languages You Will LEARN:

Who uses REACT?


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When is the next class?

2020 Charlie

Jun 29 - Oct 16, 2020 (Remote)
San Diego

2020 Delta

Aug 31 - Jan 14, 2020 (Remote)
San Diego

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