Our coding bootcamp in San Diego includes three months of coding education followed by a one-month guaranteed coding internship. Helping you to apply your new skills to real-world coding opportunities. In 4 accelerated months, you’ll learn back-end and front-end web development — and everything in between. Our 640-hour coding bootcamp curriculum teaches you how to build full-stack web applications from the ground up.



Our online coding bootcamp includes three months of life-remote learning. Meaning you will meet and collaborate with your instructors and classmates, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Learning how to code full-stack web applications from our expert instructors.

1 Month


As a part of our 4-month program, we guarantee a 1-month coding internship at a local tech company or start-up. Making us one of the only coding bootcamps to ensure this crucial opportunity for our students.

Life LEARNer


Our Career Services will help you discover your passion, enter the tech industry in San Diego and beyond, and kickstart your career change with a personalized job search.

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With our 4-Month Coding Bootcamp, you are guaranteed a 1-month internship at a local tech company or start-up.

Gain crucial real-world experience and mentorship with a 1-month coding internship at a local tech company or start-up, in San Diego and beyond.

Many of our coding bootcamp graduates are hired and extended through their internship placement.

Internship companies that hire coding bootcamp students within the program when looking to hire.


San Diego's Original Coding Bootcamp

LEARN was the best decision I've made EVER! Quitting my full time job was the hardest part, but once I realized how much there is to learn, and grow, it was literally the best decision I've made. I had a career in a non-technical background and tried to learn something totally new. It was my turn to take my career into my hands and physically change it for the better. You can go to code school for many reasons, but at the end of the day, you are learning invaluable skills to put in your tool box. The best part…read more

Web Developer at 22 Line Design

I was always fashioned about coding, but I didn't have any opportunity to jump on. I tried to become a developer on my own, but I couldn't complete learning coding by myself. So I was looking for coding Bootcamp to elevate my coding skills, and I found Learn Academy which provides invaluable internship experience. I have learned a coding skill during the Bootcamp but also picked up the ability to learn new skills. Now, I am a jr. software engineer at the beginning of a long and productive career. Changing career was a big and scary step and it wasn't…read more

Jr Software Engineer at ZEAL

I definitely think and believe that if I did not attend LEARN I most likely would not have ended up at my current company. It was such a perfect fit career, goals, culture, and even location wise. I give many thanks to the staff for really knowing how to pair the students off with intern companies. The curriculum was definitely, at times, rigorous, but it's mainly because of how little time you have to really learn everything. It's a big commitment, but it 100% is worth it IF you are willing to put in the time and effort. You get…read more

QA Engineer at Valtech

Breakdown Of
4-Month Program

At LEARN, our program goes beyond just learning coding languages and getting a job. Instead, we teach you how to learn and provide you with the foundation for a career path that will support you for your lifetime.

Full Time Bootcamps

2022 Alpha

2022 Alpha

Feb 14, 2022 - Jun 03, 2022
Live Remote
2022 Bravo

2022 Bravo

Mar 21, 2022 - Jul 08, 2022
Live Remote

Our Coding Bootcamp Grads Work Here

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I'm a total beginner, what's the best way to learn programming?

If you need an introduction to web development and curious if a programming career is right for you, enroll in our beginners Jumpstart course. Our San Diego weekend programming bootcamp is perfect for coding beginners and those interested in our 4-month Coding Bootcamp. Jumpstart includes 20 hours of virtual learning covering programming fundamentals (HTML / CSS / JavaScript). By the end, you’ll deploy your website to the internet!

How much should a coding bootcamp cost?

We get this question a lot, and it truly depends on what your goals are. At LEARN academy, we specialize in a career transition into coding. Our 4-month Intensive Program costs $14,500, and what you receive goes beyond learning a few programming languages (but we’re really good at that too). We provide you with the resources and the community to make your career transition as successful as possible. 

We also have multiple scholarship and financing options available, including our Deferred Tuition Agreement.

I have some coding experience, how do I start my programming career?

Do you want to change your career and build strong programming skills that will land you a job in the tech world? Or do you already have experience with coding but want to master app development? LEARN academy will help you build your programming skills and provide you with a platform to grow throughout your entire software development career. As an outcome-driven programming boot camp the San Diego community relies on, we can help take your career to the next level.

What programming languages are important for a coding career?

At LEARN academy, while our coding bootcamp focuses on full-stack programming languages, our curriculum is structured in a way where the focus is more on learning how to learn. We also believe that anyone can and should learn how to code. We focus on syntax, programming fundamentals, problem solving and documentation, pair programming, and how to get un-stuck. Our instructors have been in your shoes before, so they know how to utilize different learning strategies to help you grasp these new and sometimes challenging concepts.

Inside our virtual classrooms, you will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React, PostgreSQL, and a whole lot more. But once you move onto the next step in your coding career, you will constantly be presented with new programming languages. But, we will provide you with the tools you will need to flourish throughout your entire software development career.

How does the internship work at LEARN academy's dev bootcamp?

Here is how our 4-month online coding bootcamp is structured. For the first 3-months, you’ll learn full-stack web development, learning how to learn programming languages. During the 4th month, you will participate in a guaranteed internship program to apply your new skills to real-world coding situations.

We recruit several companies to participate in our cohorts throughout the year. They come into the classroom and share some more about their company and the projects you will work on. You then get the ability to interview with some of them. The LEARN academy staff helps facilitate which company the student ends up going to. Still, we consider what your top choices are and try to make the closest match possible.

How does career services work for this coding bootcamp?

Our coding training does not only enhance your employability but also opens the door to a world of opportunity. Here at LEARN academy, we take pride in maintaining a bullet-proof relationship with the local tech community, allowing you to meet and work with some of the best professionals in the business. That’s the LEARN difference. Plus, we’ve seen close to 30% of internships either get extended or turn into full-time employment for our students, allowing them to become full-time developers.

Does this coding bootcamp accept VET TEC?

LEARN academy’s 4-month Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp is a VET TEC approved program. VET TEC (Veteran Through Technology Education Courses) is a benefit for Veterans who are off duty or near off duty. Veterans can use their GI benefits towards the VET TEC program to help launch their new careers in high-technology industries. If you are interested in using VET TEC for one of our upcoming coding bootcamp start dates, reach out for some more information on VET TEC here.

I have a college degree and looking for a career restart, is a coding bootcamp a good idea?

Ready for a career change but worried you don’t have a college degree in computer science? Coding schools and boot camp programs are not like traditional education. These boot camps are currently one of the most in-demand ways to learn programming. Our learning environment allows coders to learn how to code, develop web dev skills, and become an employable software developer. Software Engineers are in high demand and most of our grads find work as a junior web developer or software engineer at a tech company.