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5 Years of Excellence as The Original Code School in San Diego

Here at LEARN academy, we have been serving San Diego with a mission of growing and diversifying the local tech community. We provide our students with intensive training from professional instructors. Plus, we are one of the few code schools in San Diego that offer our students a guaranteed coding internship with a tech company. Furthermore, our in-house Career Services Manager helps our students with their transitions into a tech career.

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Graduates Consistently Review LEARN academy As
The Best Code School in San Diego

"My time at LEARN Academy was one of the best experiences of my life honestly. I came into it expecting to be good. But it ended up being great!"
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"I got hired by my internship company and work on some really cool stuff now as an engineer. I love my job and I have LEARN to thank for making it possible."
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Carrie Johnson

Learn was a great experience and really taught me the fundamentals. I was able to take what I learned and land the career of my dreams. LEARN truly is a community that empowers its students to be great.

Randy S Tseng

Doing a career switch is no easy feat but LEARN made it such a smooth process.  I was able to find an amazing job as a software developer right after my internship and although it's more of an atypical outcome, the fact that such a possibility exists shows just how legitimate the LEARN program is. I absolutely do not regret my decision at all!

Natalie Reinicke

I definitely think and believe that if I did not attend LEARN I most likely would not have ended up at my current company. It was such a perfect fit career, goals, culture, and even location wise. I give many thanks to the staff for really knowing how to pair the students off with intern companies. The curriculum was definitely, at times, rigorous, but it's mainly because of how little time you have to really…view more

Dante Moore

Learn Academy is a fast-paced program for getting practical experience with many different relevant technologies in a short amount of time. The immersive portion happens quickly,  students are exposed to Git, data structures, and we were pair programming daily through the day's projects. The curriculum is structured for layering in new technologies, and before you know it, you're familiar with relational databases and doing a deep dive into the inner workings of Rails. The instructors…view more

What Will LEARN academy Teach You?

Coding Languages

We’ll teach you everything you need to become a working programmer, including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. By the time you graduate from our code school in San Diego, you’ll be able to make cutting-edge websites.

Pair Programming

At LEARN academy, we group our students into pairs in order to help them complete daily coding challenges and teach them how to work as a team. This is a great way to prepare for a real working environment and enhance your learning experience.

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Not ready to commit to San Diego’s full-time coder school yet? Sign up for one of our beginner-friendly weekend bootcamps instead, or schedule a quick call learn more about our program and discuss your coding needs. 

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2020 Course Syllabus

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Why LEARN Academy?

Long-Term Experience

As the leading coding school in San Diego, we boast experienced coding instructors & a modern, highly optimized curriculum.

1-Month Internship

Our intensive programming bootcamp provides you with actual working experience by including an internship at a reputable tech company.

Huge community

When you join LEARN, you also join a huge coding community that gives you an opportunity to establish vital contacts in the tech industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a coder?

Not so long ago, the only way to learn web development was to saddle yourself with student debt and spend years in university. Luckily, those times are behind us. Today, a reputable coder school in San Diego, CA like LEARN academy can teach you everything you need to get a job as a full-stack developer in just four months.

Can you teach yourself coding?

It’s possible, but we strongly advise against it. Not only do self-taught programmers inevitably end up adopting bad coding habits, but they also never learn how to work as a team or write maintainable code. As a result, successful tech companies give them a wide berth. 

The only situation where learning coding on your own makes sense is if you’re doing it as a hobby, and have no intention of ever taking on coding jobs that pay a professional coder salary. If you’re serious about becoming a programmer, your best bet is to enlist at San Diego’s trusted coder school and LEARN from the best.

Are coding schools worth it?

And how. With the internet getting bigger with each passing day and our personal and professional lives becoming ever more dependent on technology, the demand for trained programmers has never been greater. 

By attending an intensive coding bootcamp, you’ll be able to obtain crucial programming skills without having to spend years attending university lessons or cramming for exams. To top it all off, a first-rate coding school costs much less than university tuition, so you’ll be saving money as well.

What should I look for in a coding school?

Many would-be programmers make the mistake of typing “coding school near me” into a search engine and enlisting at the first school that pops up. The reality is that coding bootcamps vary widely in their quality and the kinds of skills they teach. 

Knowing how to recognize a quality coding academy will not only save you time and money, it’ll also prevent you from internalizing outdated or suboptimal practices that could harm your future prospects as a web developer.

A first-rate bootcamp should offer the following:

  • Beginner-friendly weekend bootcamps that teach you the basics
  • Full-stack training that includes at least 3 months of theoretical lessons and exercises
  • An internship at a respected tech company is essential both for your training and your future job resume
  • Personalized career development provided by seasoned Career Services Manager coaches
  • Option to attend the coding school online rather than at the school’s premises 

What courses are offered at San Diego code school?

In addition to equipping you with the specialized skills you need to land a job as a back-end, front-end, or full-stack developer, your coding school of choice should also teach you the crucial problem-solving and teamwork skills that every successful programmer must have.

A good curriculum includes the following:

  • CSS and HTML, eg., the building blocks of the internet
  • A tried-and-true front-end coding language (for example, JavaScript)
  • A versatile and efficient back-end language such as Ruby
  • Frequently used libraries and databases like React and PostgreSQL
  • Industry-standard developer tools such as Github

What is the best coding school in San Diego?

If you’re looking for a coding academy with an impeccable track record and a focus on preparing its students for the real-life aspects of a career in web development, look no further than LEARN academy. 

As the leading programming school in San Diego, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with the kind of high-intensity training you need to become a developer in a matter of months. Our coding instructors are second-to-none, and our bootcamp includes a month-long internship at a respected San Diego tech company. 

Located in the East Village, at the very heart of Downtown San Diego, our premises are equipped with cutting-edge teaching equipment and designed to keep you comfortable during long lessons. If attending classes in person isn’t your forte, we also offer superbly-optimized online bootcamps. Contact us today!

Discover The Difference Our Code School Makes

Whether you’re a newcomer who wants to learn the basics of programming, or an experienced web developer looking to expand your knowledge, our coder school in San Diego can provide you with the crucial training you need to achieve your goals. Sign up for our weekend course to learn the basics of coding, or kickstart your programming career right away with our intensive 4-month bootcamp.

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