Our full stack coding bootcamp San Diego teaches you everything you need to become a programmer

Are you a beginner looking for a door into coding? Or are you a software development veteran who wants to truly master their craft? Open yourself to amazing new opportunities by enrolling in the best full stack bootcamp San Diego has to offer to veterans and beginners alike! We will help you achieve your goals!

What Will You LEARN?

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JavaScript is a practical and highly expressive language that once was just a frontend language. But now that it can be used on the backend, JavaScript is being used to create a whole new generation of apps.

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Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular frameworks for building apps on the web. Rails gives you the power to quickly build amazing apps. Just ask Twitter, AirBNB, Hulu, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and others.

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HTML and CSS are the building blocks of the web. HTML contains raw data like text, photos, and links. CSS contains style information -- like layouts, font sizes, and colors. Together they make a web page!

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Modern web apps need to be highly interactive and responsive to user input. With frontend JavaScript frameworks like React, you can build amazing interactive user experiences.

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Git is the industry standard tool for source code control. That's just a fancy way of saying you can use Git to save your work, track your progress over time, undo mistakes, and other cool things.

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Programming is a collaborative activity. So you will build on your Git knowledge by using GitHub to share and review code with others. You'll create your own Github account and use it for LEARN.

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Testing is a critical part of the development process. You will learn how to write automated tests using RSpec, a popular Ruby testing library. With testing, you won't just think that your code works... you'll know for sure.

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Pair Programming

At LEARN, you won't be coding alone. You'll take on daily coding challenges by pairing up with other students. That's why every desk at LEARN is equipped with two keyboards and trackpads.

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Problem Solving

We won’t just give you problems to solve. We’ll teach you how to solve problems -- with a range of tools and approaches. Next time you get stuck on something, you won't just be googling for the answer.

Why LEARN academy?

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Place your trust in the hands of professionals with over 15 years of tech experience. We are the go-to experts for all coding-related things.

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We don’t just teach theory at our San Diego coding academy. Our students receive a month-long internships at tech companies so they can practice their skills in a real-world environment.

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We’re an active member of the San Diego tech community so you’ll have the opportunity to meet and create strong connections with the finest industry experts.

What's Included?



Professional Instruction

For three months, you’ll spend every weekday from 9am to 5pm in our classroom learning how to be a web developer. We’ll start the curriculum with the basics, then slowly introduce new concepts.


Real-World Experience

Our guaranteed internship program is a critical component of your time at LEARN academy. Here you will get to apply all the new skills you’ve learned, make new and valuable connections, and expand your web development skills.


In-House Career Services

We don’t just teach you to code. We teach you how to find a job. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to land that first job. Even after you get that first job, LEARN will help you develop your career through ongoing support, alumni events, and additional training.

Walk the path to success at our full stack developer bootcamp San Diego

  • Software development is one of today’s premier professions, and it’s only going to become more sought-after as technology advances. Whether you’re a beginner interested in getting into IT, or an experienced coder looking to gain that extra edge, Learn Academy’s programming bootcamp in San Diego will teach you proper coding practices that will serve you for the rest of your life. Do you want to learn how to best utilize GitHub to share code with other programmers? Or are you looking to master HTML and CSS, and learn JavaScript and Ruby so you can become a full time web developer? Let’s not forget the versatile Ruby on Rails! Our instructors are the best of the best. They will teach you all this and more at our full stack coding bootcamp San Diego!

  • Enlist in the best full stack bootcamp San Diego and kick-start your career

    Learn Academy provides you with a chance to use what you’ve learned at our weekend coding bootcamp in San Diego in an actual business internship. Want to be able to some day bring your own tech startup ideas to the Evo Nexus Startup Incubator - San Diego? Are you interested in web development and wish to take part in the PHP Study Group San Diego? We can make it all come true. We use only the most modern technologies, techniques, and equipment in our teaching, and aim to enable our students to find a good job right after their internship!

    Join LEARN and turn your internship into a full-time job

    We believe that nothing can beat hands-on experience. In life, it’s crucial to know the right people, which is why we maintain strong ties with San Diego’s tech community and guarantee you a one-month internship at a local IT company.

    Our full stack developer bootcamp San Diego aims to help you forge lasting connections and show your skills in front of important people, so that you can land a job right out of internship and work with the industry’s leading professionals. Sounds too good to be true? Not at all! Enlist in Learn Academy and let us show you why we’re the best!

When is the next class?

Apr 15 - Aug 2, 2019
2019 Bravo

$14,500 San Diego

Jun 3 - Sep 20, 2019
2019 Charlie

$14,500 San Diego

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