Dive into web development with this three day course

What will you LEARN?


HTML and CSS are the building blocks of the web. HTML contains raw data like text, photos, and links. CSS contains style information -- like layouts, font sizes, and colors. Together they make a web page!


Modern web apps aren't just HTML and CSS. They are highly interactive and that interactivity is only possible with the help of Javascript. Thus, JavaScript is a key part of any web development stack.

Pair Programming

At LEARN academy, you won't be coding alone. You'll take on daily coding challenges by pairing up with other students. That's why every desk at LEARN academy is equipped with two keyboards and trackpads.

Software Fundamentals

From loops to arrays, you'll learn the basic building blocks of writing code. These building blocks are common to almost all programming languages.

Development Tools

How can you write code? How do you find and fix bugs? How do web pages work? We'll take you behind the scenes and show you how your browser works.

Try LEARN On for Size

Are you interested in taking one of our full time bootcamp courses? Jumpstart is a great way to find out if a fulltime course at LEARN is right for you.

What is included?

Jumpstart is an introduction to modern web development boiled down to a single weekend.

Whether you need an introduction to programming, or you are thinking about studying online, or you're thinking about doing a fulltime bootcamp program, Jumpstart will help you figure out your next step.

We provide everything you need for the weekend. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided, along with beverages and snacks. You just need to bring your curiosity!

Ready to LEARN more? When you enroll as a student in a fulltime bootcamp program at LEARN after finishing your Jumpstart bootcamp, we'll credit the full amount of your Jumpstart tuition towards the price of your fulltime bootcamp.

When is the next class?

Nov 9 - Nov 11, 2018
November Jumpstart

$499 San Diego

Classes will be held on Friday (from 5pm - 9pm), Saturday (from 9am - 7pm), and Sunday (from 9am - 7pm).

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