From zero to programming in 2.5 days
the perfect way to prep for starting the LEARN Bootcamp.
All enrollments dues go toward a bootcamp if you decide to enroll in one.

We'll be working together for two and a half days on the following:

Software Fundamentals

From loops to arrays, we'll go over the basic building blocks of writing code. We will practice getting our heads around how these fundamentals fit together.

Pair Programming and other Problem Solving Techniques

You’ll work in pairs and small groups, practice complex problem solving and become acquainted with reading documentation and other resources. We won’t just give you problems to solve, we’ll teach you how to solve any number of problems you face in the future.

Try LEARN On for Size

Code bootcamps are a huge commitment. Try out whether this programming thing is really for you, without having to commit more than a weekend. And if it turns out not to be your passion, walk away knowing something about how computers are really working.


The fundamental building blocks of delivering content via the web. HTML is what you want to say, and CSS is how you want it to look.


All the action that takes place in a web browser is written in Javascript. There is no interaction with the user after the page loads without it, and thus Javascript is a key part of any web development stack.

Development Tools

Begin to get comfortable with the tools developers use. LEARN how to look behind the scenes to discover what's happening in your browser every day. Text editors, debuggers and consoles oh my!

Program Details

Let's talk nitty gritty

LEARN jumpstart is an introduction to modern web development boiled down to a single weekend. We’ll cover the basics of programming, the tools involved and really help you understand if software development is something you can be passionate about. We cover HTML/CSS, Javascript and an intro to the tools and techniques of the trade. You’ll come away with real world skills and a path forward into a development career and a better understanding of the developers you work with. Whether you just need an introduction to programming for your job, you are thinking about studying online, or want to go to a more complete bootcamp, LEARN jumpstart will help you figure out what your next step is.

If you do enroll in the LEARN academy, you're LEARN jumpstart tuition will be discounted from your bootcamp tuition.

Presentations by expert instructors and hands on mentoring get you up and building from the first hour of class. By the end of the weekend, you’ll have built several programs of your own and know what it takes to add interactive elements to web pages. This is a hands on class where we learn by doing using the latest in teaching techniques including an inverted class structure and team learning. Pair programming and agile processes, developed and used by the most productive programming environments, are applied to the learning process so that you not only learn the material but get a real taste of what the working environment is like in the field.

We provide everything you need for the weekend. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included along with any equipment. You just need to bring your curiosity.

Jumpstart is for you if you want to learn how the modern web is built by diving in headfirst and building some yourself It’s a jumping off point for working on an idea, or applying to an immersive program like LEARN academy. We don’t require previous programming experience, just a lot of enthusiasm for computers and the web. LEARN is all about building an open, inclusive, friendly community striving to make a more connected world.

Jumpstart Schedule

Friday: 5-9, Saturday: 9-7, Sunday: 9-7


Let's get started!