LEARN Full Time - Javascript

3 months of intensive classroom training learning to code in San Diego
followed by a 1 month internship.

We'll be working together every day on the following:


The fundamental building blocks of delivering content via the web. HTML is what you want to say, and CSS is how you want it to look.

Server Side Web Applications

Servier Side Applictions connect with the database, process user input, and talk to other servers. You'll build full stack applications using great Javascript tools like Node and Express.


Javascript has taken over web development. It is a practical and highly expressive language that has been around since the beginning of the internet, and continues to grow with the evolving web.

Engaging and Responsive Frontends

Modern web pages are highly interactive and responsive to user input. You'll to tap your own creativity with frontend Javascript frameworks like React.

Test Driven Development

Testing is a great way to validate your ideas and ensure the quality of your code. It can mean the difference between thinking something will work and knowing that it does.

Git and Source Control

Git is the industry standard tool for programmers to powerfully save and share work. It gives you the whole history of your code changes and those of your teammates; from initial commit to production release and beyond.

Github, Code Reviews and Collaboration

Programming is a collaborative activity. Teams increase productivity and code quality by interacting with each other's code and code reviews. Many open source projects uses Github to collaborate and we will too. You will learn how be an engaged member of the technical community.

Pair Programming and other Problem Solving Techniques

You’ll work in pairs and small groups, practice complex problem solving and become an expert at reading documentation and other resources. We won’t just give you problems to solve, we’ll teach you how to solve any number of problems you face in the future.

API and Application Connections

We'll create our own APIs, and use others such as those from Google and Twilio. Leveraging APIs allows us to expand our applications in amazing ways.

Guaranteed Internship

After three 3 months of instruction, each student will interview and then be placed with a local San Diego based organization to apply your new skills in a real world work environment. The internship is a critical component of your time at Learn where you will experience the real-world application of the tools you've acquired, make new and valuable connections and continue to expand your new knowledge base. You will get first hand experience solving real problems through technology. You will be taking a bold step in growing your network, building out a strong resume, and landing your first programming job.



Let's get started!