DevCo/Hours Logger

D&M DevCo. LLC is a San Diego based web development company specializing in the use of Ruby on Rails. We perform custom web development on a project by project basis. Determination of each project is based on the project’s size and complexity. If you’re interested in exploring developing your next project please send us your idea through LinkedIn or submit a project on our website. In addition to custom web development, DevCo builds and sells practical web applications for businesses. DevCo’s signature product is a time tracking application aimed at saving Consultants time and money by automating the invoice process. Simply track your billable hours using the app and chose how often you’d like invoices generated: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. HoursLogger does the rest. For more information on HoursLogger, head to and try it out right on the front page of the website!

Years Participated in Program:

Charlie 2019
Alpha 2018
Bravo 2017
Alpha 2017
Charlie 2016
Bravo 2016
Alpha 2016
Q2 2015
3817 Palm Drive, San Diego, CA 92101