Get Real-World Coding Experience

Guaranteed Coding Internship With Local Tech Company

Different tech companies that have worked in our month-long internship program.
Of coding bootcamp graduates are hired through their guaranteed coding internship.
Of Internship companies looking to hire, hire students within the internship program.

Gain Your First Piece of Professorial Coding Experience

As part of our full-time career launching bootcamp, you are guaranteed a month-long internship at a local tech company or startup. This internship will provide:

Critical real-world programming experience on a development team.
Mentorship with some of the best developers in the industry!
On-the-job training contributing to both internal and external, client facing projects.
Building of great relationships and skills for future job prospects.
Opportunity to be hired on by the internship company in some capacity!

LEARN's Internship Process

Works Like This


Company Presentations

Each internship company will present to each class sharing company history, where they are headed, and details about the internship opportunity. Then we open it up for Q&A, so you can ask questions like …What does it really look like to be an intern for your company? What is the company culture like? What types of projects would we work on?


Internship Internviews

You then interview with 3-4 of those companies. (Great interview prep for the job hunt ahead!)


Match Process

Lastly, you rank the companies from your absolute fav, to perhaps your not so fav. Then the companies rank the students. LEARN staff then takes all the feedback and makes the matches! This way, the companies are excited to have you and you are stoked to be joining their team!