Internship Secrets: Tactics, Tools, & Ideas Worth Stealing

We’ve brought together a panel of internship veterans to share the pitfalls, planning, and processes they use to build a successful program.

Internship Secrets

Tactics, Tools, & Ideas Worth Stealing

From over 100 successful internship companies, we've brought together a panel of internship veterans to share the pitfalls and planning processes they use to lower the barrier of entry and improve the effectiveness of their junior developer interns.
Build a pipeline of Junior talent to fuel your team’s growth.
How to build your MVP (Minimum Viable Planning) for your internship program.
How mentorship can be used to level up your current team.
How investing in early career development can improve employee retention.

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I am a software engineer and the founder multiple software companies in San Diego. After consistently taking LEARN interns, I can honestly say LEARN is one of the BEST places to learn programming in San Diego. They set you up with the right software tools and practices that took me YEARS to learn on my own. I seriously know computer science graduate students that don't know the stuff they are teaching. ANNNND... University takes 4 years + ~$50-200k. Bootcamp takes 4-6months + ~$10k. Both set you up to take a junior dev job where you can make >= $65k a…read more

Founder at DevCo

These guys are doing an awesome job training developers who use critical thinking in everything they do.

CTO at LocalStack

The graduates from LEARN are truly fantastic. I've worked with many of them in a professional capacity. They know how to code. And they're great people.

CEO at ThoughtSTEM