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4-Month Intensive Bootcamp

Our live-remote full-stack developer bootcamp includes three months of coding education followed by a one-month remote internship placement to apply your newfound skills to real-world opportunities. In four accelerated months, you’ll learn back-end and front-end web development — and everything in between. With 640 hours of coding curriculum, our course teaches you to build web applications from the ground up.

3 Months

Full Stack

Spend three months learning to code full-stack web applications from our expert instructors.

1 Month


We guarantee a month-long remote coding internship placement with companies across the U.S.

Life LEARNer


Our Career Services will help you discover your passion, enter the web development workforce, and kickstart your career change with a personalized job search.

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Live-Remote Classroom Experience

This isn’t your typical online course – your new career starts on day one. For four months, you’ll spend Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm PST, meeting and collaborating with your instructors and classmates inside our virtual classroom.


Get To Know Your Instructors

Our expert Instructors are on a mission to go above and beyond for our students. Loaded with years of tech industry knowledge and experience, they’re the perfect team to give you the tools - and the coding knowledge - to do more, think more, and be more.


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We Take You Beyond The Code

Focusing on just learning specific coding languages will only take you so far. Our full-stack curriculum dives deeper. Teaching you how to understand programming languages, read documentation, grasp syntaxes, overcome error messages, and build web applications.


Current Curriculum

Unit 1. JavaScript Foundations

JavaScript Foundations is an introduction to coding through the Javascript programming language. Here we will cover foundational concepts and data structures that will help us think like a developer.

Unit Two: REACT

Building upon our new JavaScript skills, we now introduce React. A powerful Javascript library used to build more complicated user interfaces.

Unit Three: Intermediate React

With a strong understanding of the foundations in React, it’s time to take our skills to the next level. We introduce higher-level concepts and build several full-day projects, bringing all these skills together.

Unit Four: Ruby

Ruby is a backend, object-oriented programming language. Here we will cover the fundamentals of the Ruby language and revisit the fundamental concepts shared by many programming languages.

Unit Five: Intro to Postgres and Ruby on Rails Models

Rails is a full-stack framework built into the Ruby programming language. Here we will focus on the model layer of the MVC architecture pattern through a deep-dive into Active Record and persistence storage with Postgres.

Unit Six: Ruby on Rails

In this section, we explore all the Ruby on Rails MVC architecture has to offer. We build our first full-stack application as well as look at how to create
a backend-only Rails application.

Unit Seven: Professional Development Week

Professional Development Week is an entire week dedicated to preparation for internship and the upcoming career transition. Here we leverage LEARN’s Career Services Manager to curate tech resumes, share each student’s portfolio, improve online professional presence, develop networking techniques for every personality, practice technical interview skills, and learn about salary negotiations.

Unit Eight: Cat Tinder! Combining React and Rails

Here we explore our first decoupled, full-stack application. The application will utilize a React frontend and a Ruby on Rails backend, leveraging all the concepts we’ve covered so far.

Unit Nine: React in Rails and Authentication

There are many ways to create a full-stack application. This section uses Ruby on Rails to host React components in a monolithic application. We also introduce Devise, a Ruby gem that allows us to create a user login.

Unit Ten: Capstone Project

The capstone project is the peak experience at LEARN academy. Students work in small groups to create a full-stack web application. Acting as a development team, the students use agile and scrum project management techniques to plan, wireframe, code, and deploy an application.

Real-World Coding Experience

With our 4-Month Intensive Bootcamp, you are guaranteed a one-month coding internship at a tech company or start-up.LEARN MORE

Across many industries and sizes, we’ve developed relationships with numerous companies.

Coding bootcamp graduates who have been hired through their internship placement.

Internship companies that hire students within the program when looking to hire.

Career Services Manager Helping Coding Bootcamp Students With Resumes

Your First Job Is Just The Start

Your journey does not end once you graduate; it’s just beginning. We provide you with a custom career search plan and support to launch a successful transition into tech and land your first job. Then, when you’re ready to take your career to the next level, we’re also here for you – which is why we offer our alumni career services for life.

Female Coding Bootcamp Student Participating In Jumpstart

New to coding? No problem.

Whether you’re new to coding or have a little bit of experience, we have the resources to get you fully prepared for day one. Our Jumpstart Weekend Coding Bootcamp is the best way to learn coding fundamentals. You’ll also see how our virtual classroom operates and meet some of your instructors. Giving you the most precise picture of what it will be like in our 4-month Intensive Bootcamp.


Enrollment Process

Our application and interview process is designed to ensure our program is the right learning environment and aligns with your career goals.


This will take about 10-15 min of your time, make sure to answer the questions completely. Our application is designed to learn more about why you’re looking for a career change.


The interview will be a Zoom Meeting and will allow us to get to know each other a little bit and ensure this is the right learning environment and path for you.


Once your Interview is completed, our Enrollment Committee will review your Application and Interview. This process usually takes 1-2 days.


You will be notified once the Enrollment Committee has decided whether you will be accepted into one of our upcoming cohorts.


Once you have been accepted into an upcoming cohort, you will begin the Onboarding process. During this time, we will need to collect some documents, secure your tuition funding, meet your instructors, and start the pre-work materials.


Jumpstart, workshops, and tutorials, students get exclusive access to all of these resources to be fully prepared for day one.

LEARN was a great opportunity for me to make a career pivot at a crucial time in my life. Really thankful for the instructors who taught a good curriculum as well as fostered a supportive community. The internship program that LEARN offers was instrumental in helping me get my foot in the door!

Associate Software Engineer at Ignidus Technology, Inc.

Attending Learn Academy was one of the best experiences of my life! Learn provided the education, support and encouragement I needed to realize my dream of becoming a software developer. I am proud to be part of the dynamic and inviting community that Learn has created!

Software Engineer at Parallel 6

I made the decision to pay the tuition and get through the 16-week JavaScript Web Developer Coding Bootcamp at LEARN, and see what’s what. Why? Because I knew that it was something that I wanted to do before I left this Earth. I’m not (too) old, and I’m not sick, but if not now then when? When I’m 70? Sure, maybe, but stars had aligned and it was time. So I pay, and I go, and I graduate and now it’s late on a Sunday night and I’m typing into my laptop when I should be doing a million other…read more

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