This is the curriculum for the 2019 Alpha Web Developer Bootcamp.

Third Party APIs

Third Party APIs are external APIs like the NASA API we used earlier for the Near Earth Objects project. A lot of companies make extensive use of third party APIs and using them might be a big part of your job as a web developer, so we are going to spend a little more time with them.

API access from the front end

The Javascript front end of our application (in this case, the React app) can only make fetch requests to a CORS enabled API. This is why we had to enable CORS on our Rails API backend.

API access from the back end

Not all APIs are CORS enabled. If this is the case, we will have to create an HTTP request from the backend of our app.

Helpful Resources

Finding open APIs


Choose one API to access from the front end or the back end. Explore the endpoints it makes available to you, remember to check whether it is a JSON/REST API or a XML/SOAP API.

Extra Practice Node Workshop from LEARN on Vimeo

Node school

Download the Function Programming challenges from Node School here