This is the curriculum for the 2019 Alpha Web Developer Bootcamp.

Portfolio Site

Make a site that represents YOU as a human, as a developer, and as a designer, if that is what you are aiming for.

Think about consistently updating this site throughout the course. Bootstrap is a good way to make it presentable in the short-term, but if you are trying to show off front-end skills, you should consider replacing this in the future.

Check out these sample sites from our alumni:,,,,

You can use Portfolium as a quick way to showcase your projects as you're creating the portfolio site (like LinkedIn is to your resume).

Other sample sites for inspiration:

Remember to inspect element to work out how some of the effects were achieved.

Today's Tentative Schedule

9:15am - Circle

9:30am - Presentation on Portfolios

10:00am - Work on Individual Portfolio Sites; Head Shots with Adam

12:00 noon - Lunch

1:00pm - Student Tech Talks

2:00pm - Students to work on various tasks

4.30pm - Wrap Up

5:00pm - Class Ends