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What are the Top 4 Highest Paid Programming Jobs?

People get into coding for various reasons. Some are attracted to it because it rewards creativity, others feel they can improve on existing systems, and others still have an innate problem-solving mentality that fits well with an abstract field such as coding. 

Personal preferences aren’t the only reason people enlist at a San Diego code school and study for months to become full-time coding professionals. There’s also the fact that programmers get paid more than equivalent experts in almost every other field. 

And the best of all? If you work hard and make the right decisions, the road from coding school to a job interview doesn’t need to take more than a few months. Read on to learn how to start your coding career in 2020 and which jobs to keep an eye on.

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What are the best coding jobs?

There’s no such thing as the “best” coding job. As with other professions, a lot depends on who you are as a person and which type of work suits you the most. You need to take a good look at your own particular skill set and try out different things to find the right for you. 

For example, a front-end web developer works closely with the web designer to build the features visitors will interact with directly (forms, drop-down menus, video players, etc.). On the other hand, a back-end developer focuses on the server-side code that the end-user never even sees.

These two web development fields rely on different skillsets and fit various personalities, but you can’t be sure which one truly suits you until you experiment with both. 

What coding jobs pay the most?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a clear-cut answer to this question. Technology is continually changing, and as a result, the demand for certain types of experts is continuously evolving as well. On top of that, salaries for jobs also depend on which part of the world you’re in. 

Here are the 4 most consistently well-paid coding jobs:

  • DevOps specialists focus on refining every aspect of how code is built, tested, and deployed. The skills they need include source control, deployment orchestration and automation, infrastructure automation, cloud, container concepts, and more.
  • Back-end developers write the server-side software that underpins modern web services and websites. In addition to being fluent in at least one back-end language (for instance, Ruby), back-end developers may need to understand user interface design, build APIs, and front-end languages such as CSS and HTML, and so on.
  • Mobile applications developers create, test, debug, document, and monitor mobile applications. Individuals who possess skills such as graphic design, UI design, Java, Objective C, and cloud service integration are in exceptionally high demand.
  • Full-stack developers are web developers who understand both the back-end and front-end side of web development. In addition to the core web technologies (CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc.), their skill set usually includes React, node.js, Git, and more. 

Where can I find a dependable San Diego code school?

One of the best things about development is that you don’t have to spend years in university to get the knowledge you need to land your first job in coding. The nature of coding is such that, with the right teachers and a little elbow grease, you can learn everything you need to become a junior developer in just four months. 

Here at LEARN academy, we’d like to make that a reality for you! Our intensive 4-month program includes both theoretical lessons and an actual 1-month internship. Currently, you can attend your classes remotely, with our premises located in the East Village area of San Diego. Call today.