Computer With Javascript Code

How Do I Learn JavaScript?

JavaScript is the quintessential front-end language. It's used to build massively popular sites such as Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and more. If you're thinking about getting into web development, JavaScript is definitely the right choice.  But why is…

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Computer With Code From Popular Coding Languages

Which Coding Language Should I Learn in 2020?

Every era is marked by one or two highly lucrative and sought-after professions. Law and economics used to be that for our parents and grandparents, but this changed the moment the Internet burst into the mainstream and revolutionized communication technologies. …

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2020 Womens Coding Scholarship

LEARN academy is offering a $3,000 Womens Coding Scholarship to help bring more diversity into the tech industry. This scholarship is for individuals who identify as female or non-binary and would like to pursue their career as web developers. How…

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