LEARN about the Internship: Part 3

Being Prepared! First and foremost, students leave the classroom knowing they've already got the skills to succeed in their internship! But, a little extra prep never hurt anyone! So, we ask all our partnership companies what they want their interns…

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LEARN about the Internship: Part 2

The Interviews Each student will present their resumes and have a 10-20 minute technical interview with 3-4 companies before being matched for an internship. That may sound really scary! But don't worry you'll be ready! Before you interview, you'll have…

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LEARN about the Internship: Part 1

The Internship! It's one of the things that draws students to LEARN academy. Interning at a local company allows LEARNers to take the skills they acquired in the class and apply them to a real world environment, while continuing to…

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