Are you a Lyft Driver? Want to become a Web Developer in just 4 months?

Enroll in LEARN academy today! You can take the full-time program while continuing to make money by driving for Lyft.

LEARN academy is offering $1000 off their Full-Time Bootcamp tuition to all Lyft drivers!

What does LEARN academy offer?

  • Our Full-Time Bootcamp is 3 months of classroom training. Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. Followed by a one month guaranteed internship with a local San Diego Company.
  • Career Services including resume advice, Linkedin guidance, portfolio coaching, tech interview practice, tech presentation experience, hiring and negotiating help, and ongoing support from the LEARN community.
  • Personalized learning experience. The curriculum at LEARN is hands-on and adaptive. We use different teaching styles to fit your needs, including coding dojos, instructional videos, and 1:1 mentoring. Collaborate with your peers, using pair or mob programming.

What makes LEARN academy special?

  • A 10:1 student/teacher ratio promotes personalized attention, including weekly 1:1 meetings with an instructor
  • We provide financing and scholarships to make attending LEARN academy work for you and your budget!
  • We strive to promote student wellness through a variety of methods: breaks on the weekends, yoga classes, and healthy, holistic living education.

Apply Now

Be sure to mention that you are a Lyft driver in your application. Any additional questions feel free to [email protected]