Week three has come and gone, and it is with great joy that I am able to report that I am just as excited to be in school as I was the first day. Coming from the 9-5 office life, this feels like a vacation – but not the kind of vacation that you come back from and have to ease yourself back in to "the real world". This is the kind of vacation that rejuvenates your soul and inspires you to work harder with every day and every challenge that comes with it. This week we went over "walking the DOM", jQuery, and started our first attempt at building a game. I won't bore you to death with the technical details but I will tell you that making a fully functional Tic Tac Toe game was bad-ass!

The last 5 days were filled with many-a-"what the hell did I get myself into?!" moments. The continuous challenges brought on by JavaScript have caused me bouts of momentary anguish, but the teachers provide a ton of encouragement and reinforcement, dropping friendly reminders that I AM on track (even though I totally don't feel like I am) and I WILL get through this. We have been breaking the day about 30 minutes early to recap on the day's work and to talk about any problems that we struggled with (again, a reminder that this is NOT a therapy session, but does have a major uplifting impact on my mood). I voiced my nerves about not being ready and I soon found that majority of the students felt this way too. It is a ton of information to take in and the pressure of retaining every bit of material eventually boiled over. Alan told us to not do anything this weekend again and to let our brains recover. Naturally, I did not listen and have been banging my head against the wall trying to figure JavaScript out. Mental note to myself – breaks are a good thing. You should try it sometime.

The moral of the third-week story is, don't let the frustration that inevitably comes with trying your hand at a new skill deter you. I am incredibly grateful that I was strong enough in my convictions to take this risk, and moreso appreciative of the tools that LEARN has provided me. The transparent environment coupled with the consistent encouragement is the exact recipe one needs in order to see this through. Excited to see what dish we cook up next!

And in other semi-relevant news, I found an awesome sandwich shop across the street called Fat Boys and their sandwiches not only come in half sizes but also are also super cheap and amazing. Score! If I can't figure out JavaScript, at least I can figure out how to order a sandwich..

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